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About Us

We are a family operated business located in Mooresville, North Carolina.

We have a strong faith and abiding love for Christ. My husband Phil and I grew up Methodist. My Dad is a retired Methodist minister and my grandfather was actually a circuit rider (on a horse) for three different Methodist churches early in his ministry.

My daughter Heidi and I enjoy singing with the praise band at Central United Methodist Church. Although I dropped out of the church choir at the young age of 7, I actually found that God had given me a gift for music as I grew older. By high school, I was enjoying playing the guitar and singing. During My college years, and on through my 20's, I sang at various restaurants, bars, and rathskellers. Singing beside my daughter brings me great joy.

My husband has a degree in Plant Ecology from the University of Colorado in Boulder and has a love of all living things.  He is a potter and member of the local art guild.  He mixes his own clay bodies and glazes.  Most of the pottery in our home he has made in his studio.

We have a true passion for Whoodles. We both grew up with dogs in our homes. When Phil met me in 1985, I owned two dogs who helped to win Phil's heart! Breeding Whoodles is truly an awesome experience. To witness the birth of such fragile puppies and to see their mother nurture and care for them as they grow is truly a testament to the Greatness and Wonder of God. The Whoodles are only with us for 8 weeks. We love them, socialize them, and then share the Whoodles with others.

Ali holding
              two whoodle puppies Our son,
              daughter, Heidi My husband
              and I
The whole
              whoodlepuppies family Our two
              kids, together
Our home My husband
              and I
Our two
              children The whole

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