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Avoiding "Puppy Mills"


What is a puppy mill? Any operation that is breeding multiple litters of puppies typically more than one breed without regard to the puppies health and development.

A puppy mill is in business for money. Profit is maximized by providing inexpensive, poor nutrition, puppy food. These puppies typically do not see a vet. Puppy mills typically give their own vaccinations and only consult a veterinarian for a Health Certificate which is required for shipping.

Unfortunately, puppies from a puppy mill arrive in poor health to their new owners. They are often bony, and undernourished. Due to their poor nutrition, poor living conditions, and lack of quality vaccinations, these puppies often develop illnesses or have genetic diseases. There’s nothing more heart wrenching than giving your heart to a new puppy and losing him to illness or disease.

Surprisingly, some puppy mills do a good job of disguising themselves as a reputable breeder with professional and impressive websites. One tip off is that they do not specialize in one or a maximum of two breeds. If they are offering multiple breeds of puppies, watch out. Reputable breeders specialize in their breed and strive to become experts in their field.

The best way to avoid puppy mills is to personally visit the facility. Beware of a seller who does not welcome you to their facility.

If distance prevents your visiting the breeder, the burden is on you to prove to yourself this is a reputable breeder. Ask lots of questions. Ask for pedigrees of the sire and dam. Ask for the name of their veterinarian and follow up by calling the veterinarian. A reputable breeder should be well known and respected by the veterinarian. Puppy vaccinations should be given by the veterinarian, not the breeder. Get customer references. Find out what type of food the breeder feeds his puppies. Quality breeders feed high quality high protein puppy food.

A reputable breeder will be happy to answer all of your questions. They have nothing to hide. Your questions actually reassure the breeder that you are a conscientious pet owner and will provide a good home for their puppy.




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