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Please take your Whoodle to the veterinarian within three days of receipt.  Your veterinarian will examine your Whoodle and advise you as to the health of the puppy.  Ali Doodles Whoodles has gotten excellent comments from veterinarians as these are very well cared for and well loved.  Ali Doodles Whoodles will provide you with veterinarian records which will list all vaccinations that have been given.

Puppies require 4 sets of vaccinations which are given at 3 week intervals.  The first set of vaccinations are typically given at 6 weeks of age.  When you recieve your puppy, you will get the veterinarian records fo the 6 week shots.  Your puppy should get vaccinated at 6, 9, 12 and 16 weeks.  Until your puppy has received all 4 sets of vaccinations great care must be taken to ensure the health of your puppy.  Do not take your Whoodle to the park or other place where dogs frequent.  Your Whoodle's immune system is not ready for exposure to other dogs until two weeks after the 4th set of vaccinations are given.

Routine care of your Whoodle should include both trimming of the nails, brushing his coat, and cleaning his ears.  All long eared dogs are susceptible to ear infections.  Please have your veterinarian show you how to trim nails and clean ears.

Ali Doodles Whoodles will send you a well socialized puppy.  It is important that you continue this socialization.   Introduce your Whoodle to new people, expose him to loud noises, take him for car rides, have children play with him, and let him play with other dogs that are up to date on their vaccinations.  It is also a good idea to take your Whoodle to visit the veterinarian's office when he is not getting vaccinations so that your puppy will not be afraid to go to the veterinarian.

Give your Whoodle a bath every one to two weeks so that he will be accustomed to baths as he grows older.  It's also a good idea to take your Whoodle to the groomer several times as a puppy so that he will be comfortable as an adult.  We groom our Whoodles at home.  As long as the coat is brushed at least twice a week, an occasional trim around the eyes and under the tail should keep your Whoodle in good shape.  Remember to trim the nails and clean the ears regularly as well.

Once your Whoodle has had all of his vaccinations, enroll him in a dog training class.  Both Petco and Petsmart offer training classes.  Early training is so important and is essential to ensure that your puppy grows into a well mannered and obedient adult dog.  Think of your Whoodle as a long term investment.  You put a lot of effort into your puppy and reap the benefits for years to come.




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