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Mandy has been our pet since Memorial Weekend in 2005. We had never had a Wheaten. My husband wanted a larger house dog and due to our allergies, it had to be a hypo-allergenic dog. We saw our first Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier on the Westminster Dog Show in February of 2005. What an incredibly beautiful dog!!!

Two days after getting Mandy, my husband, Phil, fell and broke his ankle. Phil was bedridden for two weeks and Mandy was Phil’s constant companion. They have always had a special bond since that point.

Mandy is an exceptionally intelligent dog who often seems to read our minds. She was by far the best pet that we had ever had! Mandy was such a perfect dog that we began considering breeding her when she turned two years of age. We researched breeding of Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and learned about Whoodles. That was when the dream of Copper Sky began. 

Mandy has had her three litters and now is solely our beloved household pet.

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Sophie lives in a loving companion home.

After our first litter of Whoodles, I had a passion for the breed. Puppies bring such joy to our household and it is a treasure to enjoy an entire litter for 8 weeks!

Sophie was added to our pack in November of 2007. Sophie’s first litter of puppies will be in the spring of 2009.   Sophie acted like both a mother and a sister to this year's litter of Whoodles.   She will make an excellent mother.

We call Sophie our Houdini! Sophie has no respect for an invisible fence. Sophie made it necessary for us to fence in a portion of our backyard. This was a good thing as it gives our puppies a secure area to explore. Mandy continues to respect the invisible fence so she has more freedom of movement in our yard. 



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