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Here is a list of items you should purchase a week or so before your Whoodle puppy comes home:

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Variety of toys including stuffed, chewy, sqeaky, teething.   I find that puppies get bored with toys so it is a good idea to have 15 to 20 toys that you rotate in groups of 5 on a regular basis. That way the toys stay new and exciting for the puppy.  I have a separate link for recommended toys.

Stainless Steel food and water dish


4 foot leash



Ali Doodles Whoodles are given their first vaccinations at 6 weeks of age. Vaccinations are typically given at 6, 9, and 12 weeks. We will send the vaccination record with your Whoodle. Please consult your veterinarian to schedule the rest of your puppies vaccinations.

Until your Whoodle has received all of his vaccinations, do not take him to a park, school, or anywhere other dogs may frequent. On your ride home from picking up your Whoodle, keep in mind that you should not potty your puppy at rest areas or other heavily traveled areas. I typically stop at churches and find an appropriate grassy area for a puppy to potty. Please clean up after your Whoodle.


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