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Early socialization is essential in providing you with a well rounded puppy. The Whoodles spend their first 3 weeks in our bedroom. Once their ears and eyes open, the Whoodle puppies are constantly exposed to the stimulus of household noises, people talking, television, and of course special one on one cuddling.

At four weeks of age, socialization begins on a much greater scale. The Whoodles go on car rides to be exposed to a wide variety of people and situations. We have a large wagon that we affectionately refer to as "The Whoodle Wagon".

The Whoodles first socialization trip this year was to the nearby college town of Davidson. Davidson has a quaint Main Street and is a pedestrian community. Phil and I found the puppies to be a huge hit in the town. We didnít get to do much walking : ) The Whoodle puppies were loved and petted by young and old alike.

We sat outside the local Soda Shop and it took us over 30 minutes before we could place our order because there were so many people that love puppies and were so excited to get to pet them.  Who can resist the attraction of a Whoodle?


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At 5 weeks of age the Whoodles had a really thrilling experience. I was responsible for organizing a special day of service for our church at a local assisted living facility. .We had over 80 volunteers leading Bingo games, painting nails, serving refreshments, visiting individual rooms, and carrying puppies for the residents to hold. The Whoodles were a huge success with young and old. At the end of our two hours activities, it was difficult to round up all seven puppies.   Everytime we thought we had them all another child, adult, or senior had picked one of the puppies up for one last hug!




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